How these Muslim men stepped in to perform last rites of a Hindu man

In a heartwarming gesture, a group of Muslim men came together to help in conducting the last rites of a Hindu man. Here's what happened

Amid emerging reports of communal divide and casteism, a moving incident has come into the light that will restore your faith in humanity. In a heartwarming gesture, a group of Muslim men stepped in to perform the last rites of a Hindu man in the Sheikhpura village of Maldah area in Bihar.

A group of men conducted the funeral ceremony of the Hindu man in a traditional Hindu funeral ceremony. According to a report in the Times of India, the deceased who has been identified as Biswajit Rajak was living in a poor condition and his family members had no money to perform the funeral.

The parents of the deceased told the daily that they spent the night sobbing over their son’s dead body while wondering as how they would perform his last rites. “We had no money for funeral of our son, whole night we sat and cried beside our dead son thinking what to do,” Rajak mother told the leading daily.

She added that it was only when their Muslim neighbours stepped in and offered to help that they were successful in conducting the funeral of their son. The Muslim not only built the equipment to carry the dead body but also walked with the body for 8 kms to reach the cremation ground while chanting Hindu mantras.

“In the morning, our Muslim neighbours came forward and carried the body on a bamboo cot to the Manikchak cremation ground which is around 8km from the village. They also chanted Hindu mantras – “Bolo Hari Hari bol” on the way to the ground,” she said.

Apparently, the area is largely occupied by Muslim families with only 2-3 Hindu families living in the area.