How stray dogs helped Delhi Police solve a murder case within 8 hours

Stray dogs helped Delhi Police crack a murder case and got the murderer arrested within 8 hours. Find out how it happened

Whoever said that the dogs can contribute in a huge extent to protect your house and your property was not wrong. Sadly, we live in a world where we choose to ignore things happening around us because we don’t wish to get into trouble. However, animals are way better than taking note of their surrounding than humans are.

These group of dogs in Delhi helped the Delhi Police solve a murder case in just 8 hours. How you ask? The stray dogs chased the murderer away when he tried to dump the dead body of his wife in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar. The accused identified as Mohammed Anis, had allegedly murdered his wife after apparently learning that his wife was having an extra-marital affair. Furious over the entire episode, Anis stabbed his wife to death.

Following which, he set off to dump his wife’s dead body in a forest near his house. However, the street dogs started barking at him furiously and chased him away. Worried that the noise would wake up the neighbours, Anis escaped fled the spot leaving the body behind. It was only next morning that police recovered the dead body and arrested Anis after the neighbours identified the body.

“In his interrogation, Anish said the street dogs started barking at him when he was taking his wife’s body to dump it in a nearby forest to hide the crime. He was scared of being caught by neighbours and therefore left the body a few metres away from his house,” the police official told IANS.

The police officials further affirmed it would have been difficult to solve the case had the dogs not chased him away. His wife’s body has been sent to AIIMs hospital for post mortem. The police is currently investigating the matter further.