How safe are Delhi's schools? 12 children were raped, sodomized in the Capital this year

Schools are not safe anymore

It’s been a little over 3 months and most of us still can’t get our heads around the merciless murder of 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur. The Ryan murder case has made every Indian parent question the safety of their child in the school premises.

On Wednesday, December 27, Minister of State for Home, Hansraj Ahir revealed the shocking number of child sexual abuse cases in the school premises. While sharing the data, Ahir said that 28 cases of rape and sodomy in school premises and school vans were reported in Delhi since 2014.

Until December 15, 2017, four cases of rape and eight cases of sodomy in school premises in New Delhi were registered.

Minor abused

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Ahir in Rajya Sabha said that “As per available information, the Central Board of Secondary Education and the Delhi government have issued various circulars and orders for the safety of children in the schools. The Delhi police have also taken various steps for the safety of school-going children in Delhi.”

He also said that no specific data on the killing of school children as well as sodomy and rape in Delhi, National Capital Region (NCR) and other parts of the country is available.

As per the data graph provided by the Ahir in Rajya Sabha, 10 cases of rape and one case of sodomy in school premises and vans were reported in Delhi in 2014. Whereas in 2015, one case each of rape and sodomy was reported in school premises or vans.

child abuse-dreamstime

In 2016, three cases of sodomy in school premises and vans came to light, while no case of sodomy was registered.

The graph also showed a rise in sodomy cases in 2017. Eight cases of sodomy were registered till December 15 this year. While four cases of rape were also reported from school premises and vans.

No case of rape or sodomy in school bus has been reported since 2014, data graph specified.