Hope for cyber hub: Routes changed to increase distance from highway to escape liquor ban order

Some pubs and bars n Cyber hub and Sector 29 may be able to sell liquor since the excise department have asserted that they will use "motorable distance"

In what came as a major shocker to party-goers in the millennium city, the supreme court affirmed that pubs and bars that are within 500 metres of highways will not be allowed to sell liquor. However, the Haryana’s excise department is likely to consider “motorable distance” as the basis to measure the distance from the highway.

High-end hotels including Oberoi, Westin, Trident and Leela have come under the categories of pubs that are within the 500 metres of the Gurgaon highway who were banned from selling alcohol from April 1 causing a massive uproar.

Hoteliers even held a meeting in Gurgaon and urged the central government to find a solution to the problem since a number of people working in their restaurant are on the verge of losing their jobs. Additionally, the restaurants are likely to incur major losses if they are banned from selling alcohol.

According to reports, the excise department has affirmed that if the officials see that the motorable distance is beyond 500 metres, they will renew the licenses of these restaurants and pubs.

“We will start the process of measurement for pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels on Wednesday . If the motorable distance is beyond 500 metres, we will renew the licences. If not, they will continue to be sealed,” Times of India quoted excise commissioner, HC Dahiya as saying.

Post the Supreme Court’s directive, at least 34 bars and pubs were destined to go dry in Gurgaon’s Cyber-hub from April 1. The pub owners even went on to approach the apex court seeking a clarification on the order.

The Supreme Court had earlier ruled that alcohol will not be sold within 500 metres of national and state highways. As many as 109 pubs and 43 liquor shops have reportedly lost their licenses.