'Homeless' Jobseeker In US Whose Photo Went Viral Is Now Being Flooded With Job Offers

The power of social media!

A homeless man in California, United States, stood at the roadside with a poster which read “Hungry 4 success, take my resume.” The man, identified as David Casarez, a web developer, had been requesting people to help him find a job. Last Friday, a Twitter user posted his posted his photo in a bid to help him out. The post went viral and now he is being flooded with job offers.

A Twitter user by the name Full Makeup Alchemist posted a picture of Casarez dressed in a nice shirt, pants and tie asking for help.


The post went viral on social media after it got more than 1 lakh retweets and Casarez got as many as 200 job offers.  According to a report by New York Post, the 26-year-old got job offers from Google, Bitcoin.com and many other startups.

Help poured in from other quarters as well:


Casarez has been living in his car for the past one year and had been surviving on odd freelance jobs. Last month, his car was repossessed after which he started sleeping in the park. But now, he is overwhelmed by all the support that he got online.

He even took to Twitter to thank everyone who helped him.