Hiring A Cab Within Mumbai During Rains? You Might As Well Book A Flight To Goa

The weather gods have conspired to ensure that your commute is as expensive as possible

Do you plan to commute within Mumbai during the rains? Tough luck! The weather gods, it seems, have conspired with app-based cab aggregators to ensure that your commute is as expensive as possible.

A user on Twitter posted how an Uber ride from Andheri to Parel in Mumbai on July 2 had a similar price as that of a Mumbai-Goa flight on the same day. This comes after cab aggregators reportedly surged their prices between 1.6x and 2x in many parts of the city due to traffic congestion, leaving commuters stranded.

While most people on social media were blaming the city’s delicate infrastructure and cab aggregators for the price surge, others wondered whether going to Goa was the best option, after all:

Local trains on Central and Western railway lines were delayed by 20-30 minutes on Friday and Monday, forcing many to opt for cab aggregators. However, many were concerned about Ola and Uber charging 4-digit fares for travelling a few kilometres during times of crisis. On the other hand, many complained about cab-sharing services being suspended in some parts of the city, while others had to walk hours in the rain

The incessant rains paralysed Mumbai on July 2, killing 21 people and injuring at least 78. A total of 203 flights were cancelled due to unavailability of the main runway for operations. The Central Railway remain shut for nearly 15 hours as the city witnessed the heaviest 24-hour July rain in 45 years.