Hindu man laid to rest as per Muslim customs in Jhansi, family says it was his last wish

Family members of this Hindu man conducted his last rites as per Muslim customs and only set an example of communal harmony in Jhansi

In an extremely rare incident, a Hindu man was laid to rest as per Muslim customs and traditions in Jhansi. 82-year-old Madan Mohan Yadav’s dying wish was to be buried and not cremated. Yadav was popular in his locality for the samosas that he sold at a shop named “Dau Samose Wale” for more than five decades.

Yadav, who breathed his last on Monday had expressed his desire to be buried instead of cremated after his death to his family members and friends since a long time. His friends and family took his mortal remains to Jewanshah burial ground to perform the last rites as per his last wish.

His children recalled saying that Yadav always had immense respect for both the communities and even followed the customs and traditions of both religions with utmost honesty and devotion. His eldest son Madan also revealed that his father not only visited temples but often visited mosques. Yadav also reportedly sent samosas to mosques in the neighbourhood during the holy month of Ramzan.

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“My father always had a lot of respect for both the religions and he regularly visited a `dargah’ apart from temples. He always used to send `samosas’ to the nearby mosque during the holy month of Ramzan at the time of `Iftaar’ for breaking the Roza,” his son was quoted as saying. Yadav’s family members also did not raise any objection in performing his last rites as per Muslims customs.

A person who was present at the funeral said that the incident was only an example of communal harmony in Jhansi.

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Source: Times of India