Here's why this man in Gujarat is celebrating his divorce by distributing 'kaju barfi'

Rinkesh Rachchh, a resident of Vanker, Gujarat, has sent out boxes of 'Kaju Barfi' that read “Chutacheda Harakh Na” (to celebrate divorce).

You must have seen people distributing sweets on the occasion of their engagement or marriage, but have you ever seen a person distributing sweet after getting divorced? A person in Gujarat took everyone by surprise by celebrating his divorce! Yes you read that right.

According to a Hindustan Times report, Rinkesh Rachchh, a resident of Vanker, Gujarat, has sent out at least 50 kg of ‘Kaju Barfi’ in boxes that read “Chutacheda Harakh Na” (to celebrate divorce). The box carries names of his family members, including parents and a younger brother.

Rinkesh got married in 2014 with a girl from the same community. His was a grand wedding. Soon after the marriage fights started creeping in. He thought that differences are inevitable when two people are living together and time will fix it. However, the condition went bad to worse with passing time and it turned so bad that she refused to stay with his family.

The man feels that the situation calls for celebration since he has to undergo torture of a married life for a year and a legal struggle for two more years.

While sending the sweet boxes, Rinkesh attached a note on how women protection laws have been “exploited”. He says that divorce is not a reason to celebrate. But since he wants to bring awareness about how law is misused by many, he is distributing sweets with a note.

A family court has granted divorce on 15 April and since then he has been getting many calls and messages from friends, who congratulate him for facing the situation boldly, suggested media reports.