Here's why shops in Tamil Nadu are bidding goodbye to Pepsi and Coke

Tamil Nadu traders have called for a boycott of American Cola brands including Pepsi Coke across the state starting from March 1

Shops across the state of Tamil Nadu have reportedly started taking off clearing stocks of Pepsi and Coke bottles from their shops after traders in the states called for a ban on multinational brands cola brands in a bid to promote local drinks.

The decision to boycott these cola brands had been taken in the month of January during the protests against the Jallikattu ban. The traders union has asserted that they are taking this decision to boycott Coke and Pepsi because it is harmful and contain germs. The traders have also affirmed that they want to promote swadeshi brands.

According to several media reports, a number of traders have been asked by the association to not stock Amercian soft drinks to promote local drinks. They further asserted that starting March 1 traders will only sell local drinks. Justifying the ban the association members urged people to not consider it as a boycott but a request to the people to not give a boost to the MNCs. The traders have also alleged that the companies are exploiting the water bodies of the state. However, Pepsi and Coke are still being sold at some places and malls.