Here's how this Delhi Police officer is using Facebook to solve crimes

This Delhi cop is extremely active on Facebook and uses it regularly to solve cases with the help of fellow social media users.

Whether social media is a boon or a bane is a debatable topic. While a number of cases have highlighted that social media had proved to be a menace, some cases goes on to prove the good that can come out of it. This Delhi police officer is using Facebook to fight crimes and find criminals.

According to an Indian Express report, this officer helped a 6 year old reunite with her parents after she had gone missing. The police officer posted the picture of the girl posing with her parents and urged the fellow social media users to share it and inform him for any tip-off about the girl.  The parents got back with their child within a span of 24 hours. The officer identified as Pramod Joshi is stationed at Patel Nagar and is the Station House Officer (SHO).

Joshi has about 5000 friends in his Facebook friends list. He even alerts the people in the locality about the local crimes and how they should behave under any crisis situation.“The account on the social networking site was created in November last year and most of Joshi’s 5,000 friends are residents of Patel Nagar area. He constantly keeps them updated about frequent incidents in their area,” the daily quoted a police officer as saying.

The report added that Joshi who is extremely active on Facebook had recently uploaded a number of CCTV footage showing a theft being carried on in a locality in Delhi. He urged the people in the locality to provide any information they can find and even immediately alert the police if they come across any person seen in the CCTC footage. After receiving a positive response from the people, he started uploading more such CCTV footages and involved people to solve cases.