Here's how Bengaluru Police is using wit and humour to promote road safety

Read some of the wittiest tweets of Bengaluru Police that will surely leave you in splits

It’s a general perception that our law enforcement agencies are very serious guys who are impervious to fun and humour. Though police is supposed to be our friends, some people are even afraid of approaching them fearing it may invite trouble. However, Bengaluru City Police (BCP) has found a quirky way to connect with people and make them feel comfortable.

The BCP is keeping itself abreast of latest pop culture and making use of them to sarcasm and innovation to raise awareness about law and road safety among citizens. Their tweets often have references to popular movies and sitcoms to get the message across. From Game of Thrones to Narcos, their tweets have managed to win the hearts of social media users with wit and humour.

The Bengaluru police deserve laurels for their genuine effort to bridge the gap between common man and authorities.