Here's how a newborn girl got her Aadhaar number just six minutes after she was born

This baby girl who was born at Osmanabad district women's hospital got her Aadhaar number just six minutes after birth

A newborn baby identified as Bhavna Santosh Jadhav got the opportunity to skip the tiring process of getting an Aadhaar number as she got hers just six minutes of being born. Born at the Osmanabad district women’s hospital, Bhavna was born at 12:03 pm on September 24 and got her Aadhaar number at 12: 09 pm. Bhavna’s parents wasted no time in acquiring her birth certificate and got her Aadhaar number with the help of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

“It’s a proud moment for Osmanabad. We will soon register all children for Aadhaar and link them with their parents’ Aadhaar cards,” district collector Radhakrushna Game was quoted as saying. Meanwhile, the doctors at the hospital have affirmed that the mother-daughter duo is doing fine.

Hospital’s civil surgeon, Dr Eknath Male has claimed that over 1300 children who were born at the Osmanabad district women’s hospital in the last year have acquired their Aadhaar numbers. Last month, it was reported that the taxpayers have got some time on their hands to link their Aadhaar number to the PAN card as the deadline had been extended to December 31. The news came as a sigh of relief to those who had already file their income tax returns but were not able to link their Aadhaar to the PAN card by August 31.

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Aadhaar card has been made mandatory in order to avail an increasing number of facilities. The banks are now rushing to set up Aadhaar centres as the UIDAI has said that it will impose a penalty of Rs 20,000 per month if they fail open centres before September 30.

The banks were asked to open Aadhaar enrollment centres by August 30. However, the banks objected to the given deadline and stated that they required more time to set up centres. Following which, the deadline was extended to September 30.

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