Here Are Some Of The Highest Challans Issued To Drivers

Here are some instances of drivers being levied a heavy fine

With the amended Motor Vehicle Act having taken force from September 1, drivers all over the country are being issued heavy fines for traffic violations.

Here are some instances of drivers being levied a heavy fine:

Truck driver fined in Odisha

A challan of Rs 86,500 was issued to a truck driver in Odisha by Sambalpur Regional Transport Office (RTO). The driver was fined for allowing an unauthorised person to drive (Rs 5,000), driving without a license (Rs 5,000), overloading (Rs 56,000), carrying over dimension projections (Rs 20,000) among others. The matter was settled in Rs 70,000 after the driver produced relevant documents.

Challan twice the cost of auto

A drunk auto-rickshaw driver in Bhubhaneshwar was fined Rs 47,500. Though the new fine for drinking and driving amounted to Rs 10,000, he was further fined Rs 10,000 for violating permit conditions, another Rs 10,000 for not conforming to pollution norms among other penalties. Though admitting to having consumed alcohol, he said he could not pay the penalty and was ready for the vehicle to be seized or for the authorities to send him to jail. The fine levied was double the cost of purchasing the auto.

Rs 32,500 for jumping traffic light

Two days after Haryana implemented the amended Motor Vehicles Act, Gurugram Traffic police issued a challan of Rs 32,500 to an auto-rickshaw driver for jumping a traffic light. The penalty included fines for not carrying relevant documents. Though the 30-year-old driver offered to fetch documents from home which he says was barely 5 minutes away, the police personnel continued to levy the challan.

Fined for not wearing helmet in car

In Aligarh, the traffic police recently fined a city-based businessman Rs 500 for driving a car without wearing a helmet. The businessman was issued an e-challan for not driving without wearing a helmet inside his car. To show his anguish, he reached the traffic police office while wearing a helmet. On further enquiry, the SP later said that the challan was due to ‘feeding error’.

Gave scooter as car

Gurugram Police issued a hefty challan of Rs 23,000 to a resident of Delhi who was caught flouting several traffic rules. He later submitted his Honda Activa to the police, saying that his scooter was cheaper than the fine.

How netizens reacted

The heightened penalties for traffic violations have caused quite a stir on social media. While some find the situation humorous, others say that this was another form of harassment for those who are unable to pay the fines.