Here are 5 things RaGa did this month that show he has a new image consultant

Rahul Gandhi's coolness quotient has certainly gone up in these past few months because someone is working hard on it. And, it is definitely not Pidi, as Rahul would want us to believe.

That Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is amping up his social media game, is no longer news. From coming up with a new full form of the GST as Gabbar Singh Tax to doing Aikido to introducing the world to his dog, Pidi as the one handling his social media account, the Prince finally seems to have found his Mojo.

But who is the magician behind this makeover?

Rahul would like us to believe it’s Pidi, but we can tell that there is more than meets the eye here. Till we find out who exactly it is, we supply you with proof:

1. When he revealed who tweets for him and declared his dog, Pidi is way smarter than him


2. When he told PM Modi that the US President Donald Trump needs another hug


3. When he took a dig at the ruling party for trying to gag the media’


4. Not to forget his GST definition which was quickly lapped up by Twitter


He also targetted PM Narendra Modi for trying to censor the Tamil movie, Mersal, which criticizes GST. In just one tweet, he mentioned both, GST and demonetisation:

5. And last but not the least, his viral selfie with a girl during his roadshow, Navsarjan Yatra, in Bharuch, Gujarat

Rahul Gandhi

Source: Press Trust of India

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Can we already say, Badle-badle se sarkar nazar atey hain ?