Have Bihar's traditional food 'Litti Chokha' to cure diabetes, claims Delhi doctor

Popular diabetologist from Delhi has come up with a unique treatment to cure diabetes. He has urged patients to have Bihar's Litti Chokha.

Diabetologist from Delhi and alumni of the Patna Medical College, Dr. Vinny Narendra Gupta has claimed that Bihar’s traditional food, Litti Chokha can cure diabetes. While taking part at Dr. Gaya Prasad memorial lecture on February 24, Dr. Gupta affirmed that Litti Chokha can help insulin resistant patients while controlling hormone disorder.

“Litti Chokha is made of roasted gram flour powder that can help insulin resistant patients to fix their problem,” Hindi news daily, Jansatta quoted Dr. Narendra Gupta saying. “Many a times insulin resistant patients are advised to refrain from having certain fruits because of their condition, but by having gram flour made Litti Chokha, patients can keep a check on their sugar levels,” he added.

He further said that such patients are given medication for a span of three months to control their sugar levels adding that when a person suffers from diabetes, insulin resistance is visible much before diabetes is detected and that was the first symptom of the disease. “Excessive sugar levels in the body can destroy the tissues and organs of the body. Hence, in order to control the sugar level, insulin in abundance is required to be produced in the body. Under this condition, the insulin-producing pancreas cells get  tired leading to Type-2 diabetes,” he said.

A number of other dignitaries marked their presence in the seminar including the Vice Chancellor of Aryabhatta university, SP Singh, renowned neuro-physician and the Alumni of Patna Medical College and Hospital, Dr, Gopal Prasad Singh. Some of the other doctors also stressed that the government should make efforts to increase the number of kidney transplant surgeons in Bihar.