Hardik Pandya hits back after drawing criticism over a fake tweet

Hardik Pandya was the sole batsman in yesterday's game, who fought like a warrior alone and made everyone sit for the match again.

We all saw the ‘disastrous’ moment when Hardik Pandya got run out during the final match of the ICC Champions Trophy between India and Pakistan. Panday got out when all the main batsmen of the Indian cricket team had went back to the pavilion in the early overs and everyone thought the match was over. However, it was Hardik Pandya who gave Indian fans a sigh of relief by smashing 76 runs off just 43 balls.

Hardik Pandya was the sole batsman in yesterday’s game, who fought like a warrior alone and made everyone sit for the match again. But all his efforts went in vain when Hardik too had to return pavilion for the mistake of Ravindra Jadeja.

Soon after he was out and returned in super angry mode, a screengrab of a particular tweet claiming to be from Pandya’s official account went viral on social media.

A user named @vanillawallah photoshopped a tweet and said that it was Hardik Pandya’s. Surprisingly, his caption read, “Hardik Pandya tweeted this and then deleted it. I am dead.”

Here’s the image that the Twitter user shared!

Photo: Social media

Photo: Social media

Truth behind the tweet!

Many people believed that the cricketer had actually posted this and fell for it, but the truth was something else. Hardik  didn’t post any of such tweet. Basically, that Twitter user had used F12 i.e. a key which can be used to fetch developer tool in Google Chrome bar, which allows to edit the tweet.

Hardik Pandya had actually tweeted this:

Here’s how other Twitter users reacted after the fake tweet went viral:

Interestingly, Hardik Pandya took the matter into his own hands after the fake tweet and gave a strong reply to the user. Here’s what he said: