'Happy Birthday Pooja'. Jamia Univ Site Hack Is Taking Cyber-Stalking To A New Level

No group or individual has claimed the responsibility.

Let’s face it. We are Indians and there is a creepy stalker in each of us. And if you are a nerd stalker/creep, the world is your play-field.

Jamia Milia Islamia University’s officials just discovered that on Tuesday. Users were greeted with a birthday message which read, “Happy Birthday Pooja. Your love.”

The website was later fixed but no individual or hackers group has claimed any responsibility for the attack. A similar incident happened last year when the website was hacked and turned into a video game portal.

When InUth spoke to Pravesh Chaudhary, an ethical hacker from Cryptus Cyber, he explained how this incident poses a major risk. “Most of the websites are not secure. Hackers can easily detect the vulnerabilities of the site and launch an attack. In this case, it might have been done through SQL injection. But let me tell you that there are many other such techniques,” he said.

He added how this attack shouldn’t be taken lightly.”If hackers can post birthday wishes on the website homepage, they can also access the database. Imagine what would happen if they get the personal details of all the students,” he said.

While emphasising the need to strengthen cybersecurity system of our institutions he said,”Government institutions should routinely check their websites to see if there are any vulnerabilities. Penetration testing is one such important practice.”

While the authorities may be busy figuring out who is the culprit, Twitteratti, on the other hand, were concerned about ‘Pooja’ and her secret lover.

And many were floored by this idea:

Will ‘Happy Birthday Pooja’ become the new ‘Sonam Bewafa Hai’?