Gurugram horror: Man throws puppy off the balcony and the reason will shock you

A Gurugram resident tossed his 4-month-old pet puppy over first-floor balcony for a reason that will shock you

The incidents of cruelty against animals keep cropping up every now and then. In the latest one, a Gurugram man tossed his 4-month-old pet puppy over first-floor balcony after it dropped his laptop while playing with it and chewed up the DTH wires. The incident occurred in HUDA, M-Block, sector 42 in Gurugram.

AS the hurt puppy began yelping with pain, a neighbour who also owned a german Shepherd came to its rescue. When the rescuer confronted the owner for this horrific act, he fled from the scene.

Speaking with Mail Today Arvind Kumar ( the neighbour) said,” It was around 11 pm on Tuesday. I was doing my laundry in the backyard when I heard a sharp cry from a dog. When I came down to check, I saw the fearful puppy limping and hiding in the bushes. The couple, Dora Shlem and Phillip Maxwell, reached the spot too, and when I enquired from Maxwell, he denied doing anything and immediately fled in his car. His wife, Dora, told me everything.”

The puppy was later rushed to Gurugram’s CGS Pet Hospital by the owner’s wife and Arvind. The canine suffered a fracture in its right foreleg which will be operated upon soon.

The wife, however, confessed the offence admitting that her husband got angry after the puppy damaged the whole laptop, chewed up wires. “Generally, we love her, but that day, it really damaged the whole laptop, chewed up wires and everything. My husband got angry and flung it,” Mail Today quoted her as saying. Arvind said he will file an FIR against Maxwell.  This not an isolated case of cruelty against animals. Last year, a horrific video footage of a Chennai man flinging a dog off the terrace had gone viral. The incident sparked an outrage amongst animal rights activists who had filed an FIR with the police leading to the culprits’ arrest.