Gujarat: Youth paint Pakistan's flag on road to protest against mutilation of 2 soldiers

The Indian army recently announced that bodies of two Indian soldiers were mutilated but the Pakistani army in the state of Jammy and Kashmir

The Gujarat police has registered a case against a group of boys for painting Pakistan’s flag on the road in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. It is being reported that the men painted Pakistan’s flag on to the road to protest against the mutilation of two Indian soldiers.

The police officials painted the road white after registering a case against those responsible. The police are currently investigation the matter. In a picture that has now surfaced on social media, you can see the youth standing with Indian flags posing for the camera on a road where a Pakistani flag has been painted.

A number of people across the country including the political leaders have come out to condemn the act and have also demanded stern action against the “killers.” The Indian government has asserted that “appropriate” action will be taken.

This comes days after the Indian army announced that the Pakistani army had mutilated the bodies of two Indian jawans in the Krishna Ghati area of Jammu and Kashmir. Even though the Pakistani army has denied allegations and has termed the accusations as “false,” India has affirmed that they had enough evidence to prove the country’s role in the “heinous” act.