Gujarat institute is now enrolling students for cow research

Because apparently, there weren't already enough courses which couldn't land you a job

If you’re still confused about what course you should pursue to get a higher education, we’d be happy to let you know that your search has come to an end. In collaboration with the Gujarat Gausewa and Gauchar Vikas Board, the Vigyan Adhyayan Evam Shodh Sansthan — a Jamnagar-based research institute — is offering students a course in ‘Cow Science’. Because apparently, there weren’t already enough courses which couldn’t land you a job.

According to a TOI report, the board introduced the course to better highlight the importance of cows, basing the course on modern science instead of religion alone. Can’t entirely say that it wouldn’t backfire given the current state of the nation.

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After the students are enrolled, they can pursue fellowships and scholarships for research on the Indian cow. Once completed, students can further their research by pursuing a PhD in ‘Cow Science’.

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And if you feel you didn’t pick the right course in the past and now wouldn’t be eligible for this totally career-friendly research subject, don’t worry! It doesn’t matter if you are from science, arts or management background, you can still enrol yourself and earn a degree in ‘Cow Science’.

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As per the report, students who hold a graduate or postgraduate degree in engineering, arts, biodiversity and conservation of natural resources, Ayurveda, pharma stream, dairy sciences, agriculture, home science or veterinary studies, social work, management, home science or veterinary studies, and rural studies are eligible for the course.

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Speaking to TOI, Jamanagar Ayurved University professor Dr Hitesh Jani said that interested applicants will have to send their research topics latest by February 13, which will be followed by a round of counselling. The application procedure will conclude by the month of June.

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Jani also stated that scholars who choose major courses requiring field visits will get Rs 10,000, while others who pick courses with no field visits will get Rs 5,000. “The organization will provide the amount while the Gausewa and Gauchar Vikas Board will provide ‘certificate of appreciation’ to the scholars,” Jani said.

According to Dr Vallabh Kathiria, the initiative is similar to awareness programmes which aim to sensitise people towards cows, the report added.