Gujarat: Husband breaks promise to give up meat, woman files for divorce

Rima Doshi in her complaint mentioned that before marriage her husband promised to never eat meat

In a strange incident, a 23-year old woman in Gujarat has filed a complaint against her husband alleging that her husband tortures her and has also broken the promise of not eating meat after which she now seeks a divorce from him. Rima Doshi registered a complaint in which she mentioned that before marriage her husband promised that will never eat meat.

Unable to change her husband’s food habits, she now wants a divorce from her husband. Rima is married to Karan Chandela for past six years. She belongs to the Jain community and had previously objected to her husband eating non-veg food. Karan before getting married to Rima had promised that he would never eat non-veg.

After marriage, fights between the couple became frequent. Rima also accused her husband of not taking proper care of her children and mostly remaining out of the city along with his friends. All hell broke when a few days ago one of her husband’s friend told Rima that Karan ate meat with him during one of the trips.

Later, when Rima tried confronting her husband it led to an altercation. He allegedly hit her and also threaten to kill her. After which she left his home with their children and went to her parents’ place. She then filed a complaint with the police seeking a divorce.

Meanwhile, ACP Panna Momaya said, “The PSI tried to counsel the two, asking them to spend some time with their kids and think things over. However, the complainant was adamant that she did not want to return to her husband’s house. She also did not want to file a FIR. The two decided to file for divorce with mutual consent”.