Grand arrangements for PM Narendra Modi at the world's most 'secure' suite in Israel

Narendra Modi who is the 1st Indian PM Modi to visit Israel is staying in world's most 'secure' suite in Israel. Here are the grand arrangements made

In what is being termed as the most “ground-breaking” visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. The Prime Minister received a grand welcome by Israel PM, Benjamin Netanyahu where he said “Aapka swagat hai, mere dost”. PM Modi who was clearly delighted with the warm welcome responded in Hebrew saying “Shalom (Hello), I am happy to be here.”

According to a report in Times of India, PM Narendra Modi has been housed at the world’s most secure suite in Israel. The director of operations in King David Hotel, Sheldon Ritz asserted that PM Modi suite will not be affected even if there is bomb attack. “His suite is secured against bomb attacks, chemical attacks, everything. If the entire hotel is bombed, PM’s suite will be untouched, will come down in a pod.” the daily quoted Ritz as saying.

The daily further reported that over 110 rooms that were cleared so that the Indian Prime Minister and his delegation could stay there. PM Modi’s “vegan” food habits have also been kept in mind and the cookies and cakes that are in the hotel are eggless. Even the flowers that have been brought in the hotel are as per the likes of the Indian delegation, TOI reported. Modi’s suite has its own kitchen.

“I believe he is eating Gujarati food We got a list of food ingredients necessary to cook Indian food for the Prime Minister. The ingredients are all kosher because in this hotel all food has to be kosher,” Ritz told the daily.

The assigned is reportedly making special “spicy” food which is being savored by the staff members as well. Befor PM Narendra Modi, the hotel has hosted Former United States President Bill Clinton, George Bush and the current US President Donald Trump previously.

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