Good news for Indian Army! Soldiers get modern bullet proof helmets

The bullet proof helmets designed by Indian Arm are at par with the global standards which have been set by leading armed forces

In a good news for Indian soldiers, the Army has finally got modern bullet-proof helmets added to its gear. These helmets are believed to be capable of handling the impact from even a short range. The helmets are at par with the global standard that is used by leading armed forces.

A Kanpur-based company MKU limited had been given a contract of worth Rs 180 crore earlier this year to supply nearly 1.6 lakh helmets to the Army. The company, which has previously supplied military equipment to the UN and NATO, delivered the first tranche of the bulletproof helmets to the Indian Army this month.

As per a report in the Economic Times, the bullet-proof helmet has Kevlar as the main protective layer. Kevlar is material that is used by Batman for his Batsuit and cape. These bullet proof helmets have been made in such a way so as to bear the impact of 9 mm ammunition which has been fired from even a short range. They have also been designed keeping in mind the comfort and can easily be integrated with communication and night-vision devices.

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The company has claimed that the helmets that have been designed for the Army have gone through rigorous quality tests. Ballistic lab test has also been conducted on them in the company’s facilities in India and Germany.

The company added that these helmets do not carry the communication device for now but they can be improvised to include facilities in the future.

The Indian Army has also placed an order for the bolted version of bolt-free ballistic helmets. which is a higher version and more than bullet-proof helmets. Helmets are said to have been designed so that they give an overall protection from head injuries. However, orders for these have not been placed by the Indian Army.

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