Gay rights to a festival celebrating man-dog bond, 5 amazingly cool things Nepal has but India doesn't

Apart from the breathtakingly beautiful scenic beauty, Nepal has a number of practices in place that India should definitely take a cue from

Apart from being home to Mount Everest, Nepal has a lot to offer. The breathtaking scenic beauty, the rich culture, and enchanting lakes make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. While India ranks 122nd in the World happiness report, reports suggest that Nepal is the third happiest country in the SAARC region. Who honestly would not live in the happiest country?

Did you also know that Nepal has its own living goddess? No Kidding. A 7-year-old Nepali girl is worshipped as a living goddess on earth. And, while people across the globe are prioritising weight loss, Nepal is a country where being “fat” is a compliment.

On that note, here are top 5 things that India should probably learn from this small but happy country:

1. LGBT rights

While we continue to talk in hushed tones about LGBT rights in India, Nepal is one of the most progressive countries as far as the LGBT rights are concerned. The country’s constitution has provided legislative protection for LGBTI people against discrimination, violence, and abuse. This is definitely something that India needs to be inspired from so that there can be equal rights for LGBTI community.

2. Limitation on decoration

According to Social Practices (Reform) Act, 2033 (1976) there is a ban on “building decoration in pomp manner.” The act states that people cannot decorate their building “unnecessarily by lightning in pomp manner”. Breaking this law may land you in jail for seven or more day and you may also have to pay a fine of ten thousand rupees.

3. Marijuana is legal in Nepal

Consumption, distribution, and possession of marijuana is illegal in India. But in Nepal, Cannabis has been illegal since 1973. In fact, it was once named as the weed capital. As per the Narcotic Drug (Control) Act 2033, Section 5 ‘A’ you can use weed as medicine after receiving a due prescription from a prescribed doctor. For the unaware, Marijuana contains a number of medicinal properties.
(Disclaimer: We do not promote the consumption of marijuana)

4. Limit on the number of band members in wedding

All of us at some point in our life have witnessed a huge gathering of band members dancing hysterically at a wedding, completely oblivious of the traffic they are happily contributing to. But in Nepal, the number of people attendants and band members in a wedding ceremony cannot exceed 51. You will have to face a fine of Rs 10,000 and jail up to 15 days for breaking this law. You are also not allowed to use fireworks in a wedding ceremony. Not more than 11 people can play a musical instrument.

5. A day solely devoted to dogs

India just needs to do this! If we have Diwali, Nepal has Kukur Tihar. On this day, people across Nepal celebrate the strong bond between human and dogs by offering them Garland, tika, and food. Dogs are believed to be a messenger of the god of death, Lord Yamaraj. If Yulin meat festival made your blood boil, this one will warm your hearts.

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