Gauri Sawant, transgender mom from the Vicks ad, seeks help in making shelter for sex workers' kids

Gauri Sawant wants to build a 'Nani Ka Ghar' for children of sex workers because she believes that if they are given the right environment, love and care, they can thrive and become whatever they want to be

It was just recently on Mother’s Day that a Vicks advertisement had caught our attention by showing the life of a transwoman and how she adopted a girl. Born as Ganesh Suresh Sawant, the transwoman who featured in the ad, lived the early part of her life in Pune. She realised that she is different from others, and took the help of Humsafar Trust, formed her own NGO called ‘Sakhi Char Chowghi’ in Malad in Mumbai, for her struggle.

The ad had brought Gauri into the limelight and now again, she is back in the news. This time, she is seeking help. Gauri wants to build a house Nani Ka Ghar (grandmother’s home) for children of sex workers, using her own land. It is her belief that if these children are given the right environment, love and care, they can thrive and become whatever they want to be.

The Vicks ad had portrayed the real story of Gauri and her daughter Gayatri. Gauri had adopted Gayatri after the latter’s parents mother passed away and she faced a risk of being sold to an agent. Gauri took care of her, ensuring that she gets a life full of love and care.

But where did an idea of a home come from?

It was during a trip to Mumbai’s oldest red-light district – Kamathipura – that Gauri made up her mind that she wanted to build a house for the children of sex workers.
As per a report in The Better India, Gauri saw a barely three month old baby in the same room as that of a sex worker and a man. The sex worker later asked Gauri whether she would not let her child become a sex worker.

What made her decide the name ‘Nani ka Ghar‘?

Gauri feels that every person has some of their fondest memories from their childhood from their grandparents’ homes. It is based on this thought that she decided to name the house – Nani ka ghar.

Seeking your help

Gauri’s dream of building a house is not a cakewalk. Hoping to have a house in 1000 sq. feet plot means spending a huge amount of money. With no intention to give up, Gauri has partnered with crowdfunding website Milaap to raise funds for building that dream home for kids and save them from the trap of getting into the profession that their mothers have been forced into.

Help Gauri build her house here

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