Why Pakistan is troubled with this Indian astrologer who 'predicts' terror attacks

What has left the lawmakers more worried is the fact that the same astrologer has predicted five more "major terrorist attacks" in Pakistan

Rather than looking into the apparent intelligence failure, a panel of Pakistan’s lawmakers has demanded to investigate how an Indian national could have ‘accurately’ predicted a terror attack in Pakistan.

What has left the lawmakers more worried is the fact that the same astrologer has predicted five more “major terrorist attacks” in Pakistan.

In a tweet dated October 13, Anirudh Kumar Mishra, an Indian astrologer tweeted “terrorist attacks may happen in Pakistan within November,” and tagged Pakistan’s premier news outlet Dawn.

On December 1, five terrorists disguised in ‘burqas’ attacked an agricultural university in Peshawar, killing 13 people and injuring more than 30.

After the attack, Mishra tweeted saying that his prediction was accurate, but he also acknowledged that he was late by one day.

The nearly accurate prediction by an Indian has baffled Pakistani lawmakers who accuse Indian intelligence agencies of being involved in terror attacks in Pakistan.

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Pak Senator A Rehman Malik has accused India of instigating acts of terrorism in Pakistan, adding that its agency, RAW, was using Afghanistan’s soil for such nefarious activities. Referring to Anirudh Kumar Mishra’s tweet, he said that this tweet showed India’s involvement, Express Tribune reported

Pakistan has already witnessed over 30 plus major terror attacks, according to the South Asia Terrorism Portal.

Not only lawmakers, Pakistan’s ISI also fell for an earthquake prediction made by an extrasensory perception (ESP) organisation in Kerala.

The organisation named ‘B.K. Research Association for E.S.P.’ is known for making predictions based on ESP as well as on the movement of planetary bodies and unusual rises in temperatures.

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The intelligence agency became a butt of all jokes after it sent an information report to the country’s earthquake-relief organisation predicting the likelihood of a high-intensity earthquake.