From China to New York, ISRO is giving everyone major burn

Complimenting ISRO on the feat, China's Global Times called it a 'hard-won achievement for India

On Wednesday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scripted history by launching a record 104 satellites into the orbit in a single mission through its most dependable Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

Complimenting India on the feat, China’s Global Times called it a ‘hard-won achievement for India’. However, it did not forget to mention that “India’s space technology still lags behind the US’ and China’s.” Was it a reality check that the Chinese newspaper was giving India? The report said: “India has not yet formed a complete system. For instance, the engine of its rockets is not powerful enough to support large-scale space exploration. There is no Indian astronaut in space and the country’s plan to establish a space station has not started.”

However, it did applaud ISRO saying that other countries have a lesson to learn from India. “As a rising power, it has done a good job. It is ambitious but pragmatic, preferring to compare with others as an incentive to progress. India’s political and social philosophy is worth pondering.”

Meanwhile, Twitterati got hold of an old illustration shared by the New York Times over two years ago. On September 24, 2014, when India launched its Mars mission, the NYT had mocked ISRO by showing an Indian knocking the door of an elite space club along with his cow.

While ISRO was busy creating the world record, Indians found the perfect moment to give it back to NYT for the racism that they showed by this cartoon. Picture these amazing replies by Indians to troll NYT:

Twiteratti used their own creativity to form a rendition of the original New York Times cartoon.

Twitter also did not spare China for being critical of ISRO

Way to go ISRO! Keep making these records and making India proud!