Free education for girls in Karnataka from class 1 to graduation from next year

At the time of admission, students will have to pay the fees which will later get reimbursed by the state government

In a major step taken by the Karnataka government, all girl students will be provided free education for girls from Class 1 to graduation level. Except for some professional institutions, the new scheme will be applicable in every public and aided private school, colleges from the next year.

Basavaraj Rayareddi, who is the Higher Education Minister said that the state government plans to cover at least 18 lakh students whose parents’ annual income is less that Rs 10 lakhs and is planning to earmark Rs 110 crore. Also, this new scheme will help poor to avail the benefits.

“It’s a model one and a major leap towards women’s empowerment. The scheme is for all girls, unlike their schemes which are restricted to certain classes and income groups.” added, Rayareddi. Barring examination fees, the fees of all girl students of class 1 to graduation level will be reimbursed by the government.

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At the time of admission, students will have to pay the fees which will later get reimbursed by the government. The entire tuition fee will be waived even if students opt for popular women’s colleges like Mount Carmel College in  Bengaluru.

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The step is taken by the government as many girl students drop out after class 10, mostly in rural areas. “It is mainly in rural areas where girls come from families earning less than Rs 10 lakh that the government needs to extend incentives. But the government will not discriminate between cities and rural areas and poor and rich. It is ready to reimburse fees to all girl students,” he said.

(Source: Times of India)

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