Former model files a case against her husband, claims he forced her to convert to Islam

Former model, Rashmi Shahbazkar has reportedly accused her husband, Asif of 'love jihad'.

Former model, Rashmi Shahbazkar, currently working as an image consultant in Mumbai, has reportedly accused her husband, Asif of ‘love jihad’ and filed a case against him. Rashmi, has registered a case against Asif for allegedly physically abusing her and forcing her to convert to Islam with Mumbai’s Bandra police, as per a report by the Financial Express.

The report further states that Rashmi and Arif have been married for 12 years and she has alleged that Asif has assaulted her a number of times earlier as well.

“Asif pressurises me, saying that if I don’t follow Islam I can’t be his wife. He is now trying to evict me from our marital home. I am facing a serious threat to my life, tortured and assaulted too,” Rashmi was quoted as saying to ANI. She added that Asif and his family has brainwashed their child.

Rashmi has also claimed that her husband has married another woman half his age and now both of them are trying to throw her out of the house. She has also alleged Asif of demanding money from her and trying to poison her. Rashmi has also accused Asif’s friend, Munir and said that Asif and Munir are now trying to convert Asif’s second wife to Islam.

As per a report in the Hindu, “Senior Police Inspector Pandit Thackeray said that the 42-year-old former model arrived at Bandra police station at 2 a.m. on Saturday with head injuries. Mr. Thackeray said that Rashmi was crying. She told us that her husband, Asif, had started resorting to violence after she refused to convert to Islam.”

According to the Financial Express report, the Mumbai police have launched a probe and registered a case against Asif and his friend at the Bandra Police Station under IPC Section 354, 323, 324, 504, 506 and 34.