Fishy tale: Man catches fish on Mumbai's flooded road. Photos go viral

A media professional, Tejas Mehta, recently shared pictures on his Facebook account where a man is seen with a fish that he caught in flooded waters of Mumbai

Rains in most parts of the country are a harrowing affair when it comes to commuting through the waterlogged parts of the cities. Mumbai, which reels under excessive rains, is also infamous for overflowing streets which end up hampering the transport in the city.

A media professional, Tejas Mehta, recently shared pictures on his Facebook account which have gained much attention. It’s not a picturesque image of rain or a photo of someone playing in the rain. It is an image of a fish! What is grabbing eyeballs is the fact that a man can be seen with a fish in his hand which he caught from a waterlogged road in the financial capital of the country.

In the photo, the man can be seen picking fishes in the flooded streets of Thakur village in Kandivali East. Tejas Mehta writes on his Facebook page: “Just saw this man catching a big fat FISH from the flooded waters of Kandivali in Mumbai!!This city is full of surprises! My day is made!”

He also commented that there was a minor flooding in the Kandivali E region and the water was shortly drained out. His friends called it a ‘great click’ and a ‘Believe it or Not’ picture.

While the man was catching the fishes in the flooded area, he sent a man who was with him to bring him a sack so that he could store the fishes. This photo of the photo picking up the fish off the streets and putting it in the bag has gone viral.

As per a report in the Hindustan Times, the cleaning of major stormwater drains in the city began from April 1. The ward officials had begun their work on minor nullahs on April 7. The cleaning of these drains is important to ensure that the city is not flooded during the rains.

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