First fake Rs 2,000 note found in Rajasthan. And it's not a photocopy

Though this fake note was smaller in length and breadth

Several reports have been emerging since Narendra Modi announced demonetisation. It was found that those notes were not fake currencies but just photocopies of the new Rs 2000 note. But it seems fake notes are actually being made now.

As per a report, a paan shop owner in Bodakdev in Gujarat has found a fake note which had the Gandhi watermark next to the national emblem as well as a fake security thread.

However, unlike the new crisp notes, this note was faded in colour. It was also smaller in length and breadth.

Meanwhile, Jammu Police had on Tuesday arrested two youths for using “fake currency” notes of Rs 2,000 while buying vegetables in Jammu city.

The duo was caught red-handed by a special police team, he said, adding they have seized the counterfeit currency note and booked them in the case.

Also, in two separate incidents, Odisha Police had on Monday arrested a youth on charge of circulating fake Rs 2,000 notes and recovered Rs 4.8 lakh stocked in the newly-introduced denomination. The notes however, are a colour photocopy of an original Rs 2,000 currency