Find out why this wedding card of a farmer's son is making news in Uttar Pradesh

Earlier a wedding card with a Swachh Bharat logo on it had gone viral on social media. PM Narendra Modi had retweeted it as well.

Alcohol being served at Indian weddings is a common sight these days. Usually, it goes one of two ways – either the guests get nicely buzzed, they dance a lot, they enjoy, and they sleep well OR at least a few people gets embarrassingly drunk and ruins the party. To avoid this mess, a groom from Uttar Pradesh has found a unique way of ‘saving’ his party.

Ashwini Rathore, a farmer’s son, has given a message on his wedding card itself, and he is hoping that it will discourage the people from consuming alcohol before attending his marriage function. “Sharaab peekar aana sakth mana hai (Coming to marriage after consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited),” reads the wedding invitation card.

This decision of the groom is making news in UP as many people can relate to events, that were spoiled due to alcohol consumption.

Apart from giving the message for alcoholic people, the groom has also urged people to keep the premises clean for contributing in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swah Bharat Misson.

Earlier a wedding card had gone viral on social media after Akash Jain, an entrepreneur, took to micro-blogging site Twitter and tweeted a photo of a wedding card with a Swachh Bharat logo printed on it.

“My father and I have been highly inspired by the Swachh Bharat initiative by PM Modi. My father specifically wanted the Swachh Bharat’s message and logo to be there on the wedding invitation card of my sister’s marriage on April 29, 2017. Hence I got it done,” Jain had written.

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Following the tweet, the Prime Minister retweeted Jain and in fact followed him as well.

This was not for the first time when people promoted the Swachh Bharat mission. Earlier, M Mariswami, a resident of Hubballi had taken the Swachh Bharat mission a little further by printing his wedding cards with a 4-page literature on the importance of constructing toilets in houses.

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