Feel like resigning from Parliament, upset LK Advani tells MPs

Bharatiya Janata Party leader LK Advani said that he felt like resigning as MP, expressing frustration over the current deadlock in Parliament.

He reportedly told his fellow MPs that former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee wouldn’t have approved of parliamentary disruptions, being seen in both houses of Parliament at present.

Advani’s remarks were, however, reported by a MP from Trinamool Congress, a political rival of the BJP, which poses questions on their credibility.

The veteran leader’s comments come as India’s opposition parties come together to criticise the Modi government on its Nov 8 decision to ban higher denomination currency notes,a move they say would cause more damage to the Indian economy than it could gain.

The opposition outfits say they wouldn’t cooperate with government MPs in Parliament unless Prime Minister Modi apologises for the ‘poor implementation’ of the demonetisation drive, citing instances of broken marriages due to cash crunch and trauma deaths in the wake of the decision as proof that the economic exercise hasn’t been rolled out properly.

Indian economy is in the middle of a radical shake-up in the wake of currency ban decision, as the central bank strives to pump in the newer notes in the system. But there have been few indications that the pace of printing and injecting new notes into circulation hasn’t kept up with demand.