Farmer's son who studied in candlelight, borrowed books from seniors scores perfect CGPA in Class 10 exams

Son of a farmer, Rampal Verma has scored a perfect CGPA in his Class 10 exams. Here's how he managed to study for his exams

Amid success stories of hundreds of students who slogged to score well in their Class 10 exams, this sucess story of a 16-year-old son of a farmer has managed to stand out. Rampal Verma has scored a perfect 10 CGPA in his Class 10 exams. However, the marks did not come easy to him.

According to a report in Times of India, Rampal who is son of a poor farmer studied by the candlelight and had to borrow books from his seniors to to study for his exams. Despite poor financial conditions, Rampal’s father who himself is a school drop put admitted his child in a good private school in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh so that his children could receive good education.

While speaking to the daily, Rampal asserted that his father borrows money and pay a interest of 5% just to be able to pay his school fees. He further said that the family failed to pay his school fees due to crop failure but was allowed to sit for the exams because he was good in studies.

“My father always wanted us to get proper education and hence, he got me enrolled in a reputed private school of the city. He borrows money at 5% interest to pay for our schooling and pays back the loan after harvesting the sugarcane crop. However, this time, we are yet to pay the fees of Class X. As I am good in studies, the school officials allowed me to write the exams,” he told Times of India.

“My father somehow managed to get an electricity connection in the room. However, I had to study in candlelight during the long power cuts in the area. As I could not afford to use more than one candle a day, after it got over, I would go to a neighbour’s house to study,” he added.

Rampal who wants to be a doctor also could not afford to buy books and was forced to borrow NCERT books from his seniors. However, he could not get his hands on tests papers and other sample books due to his poor financial conditions.

He now aspires to take admission in Kendriya Vidyalaya and pursue his further studies.