Extensive cell phone use can increase brain tumour risk, claims AIIMS, downplays Industry funded studies

AIIMS study has claimed that industry-funded don't really reveal the complete truth while asserting that prolonged use of mobiles could cause a brain tumour

“I can live without my mobile phone.” It is pretty difficult for you to hear this line from people around you considering that cell phones have become an indispensable of our daily lives. We are so addicted and dependent on our mobile phones that we don not really consider the fact that it might have a major effect on you. Turns out the mobile radiation can actually be harmful to you in ways you never really imagined.

A research conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has claimed that mobile phone radiation can actually increase the risk of brain tumour. According to a report in TOI, the research funded by the government have affirmed that over usage of mobile phones could have an adverse impact on your health, industry-funded research has claimed otherwise while undervaluing the risks involved.

. “It is baffling how certain studies even propound that mobile phone use can protect against a brain tumour,” a researcher from AIIMS was quoted as saying. The study has claimed that prolonged use of mobile phone or even if you use a mobile phone for over 10 years, the risk of you suffering from a brain tumour is apparently high. The study added that the industry-funded research never mentioned the fact about the outcome of using mobile phones for 10 years.

“Our aim is not to denigrate the technology that has revolutionised the way we communicate. We want people to avoid non-essential use to reduce the risk of health hazards such as brain tumour,” the researcher said.

The study has asserted that mobile phone emitted from their antennas. Tissues that are closest to the antennas absorb the energy. Kids, who possess soft tissues near the ear, are also at high risk of suffering from brain cancer.

The doctors have further asserted that the people especially, children, adolescents and pregnant women should use headphones and headsets and also not speak on the mobile phone for a long period of time.