Elusive Snow Leopard Spotted On Motor Road For The First Time

The majestic and rarely spotted snow leopard was seen crossing a bridge near Gangotri National Park

Snow leopard, the most elusive of wild cats, was spotted out in the open on a road crossing a bridge in Gangotri National Park, Uttarkashi. This is possibly the first such sighting of the snow leopard.

Dr PM Dhakate, of the Uttarakhand Forest Department told The Pioneer, “This is the first time I saw a snow leopard walking on a motor road and crossing a bridge. It must have used the bridge as a more convenient means to move from one area to another. Generally, the snow leopard is very elusive and is rarely seen out in the open.”

The endangered medium-sized cats have grey fur, helping it hide on rocky terrain, and are largely found in central and southern Asia.