Election Commission will now convince you to vote through these comic books!

Currently, the book is available in Hindi and English. In the coming days, the EC is planning to come up with an e-book which can be downloaded from its website

The Gujarat office of  Election Commission of India has come up with a comic book to create awareness among people about the voting process. The 40 pages comic book titled as ‘Sentinels of Democracy’ has seven stories in it and some of the stories also have real life references and tell why is important to cast your vote.

The concept to make such a book was of the Chief Electoral Officer of Gujarat which in collaboration with Ahmedabad-based Research Foundation for Governance in India (RFGI) created it. RFGI is a think-tank which focuses on improving the legal and political process. B B Swain, Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat said, “The lawtoons have been created keeping young voters in mind. It is a simple way of explaining complex processes”.

Right now, the book is available in two languages: Hindi and English and all the stories in it are fictional. Initially, the EC will print about 1000 copies, however, in the coming days, the EC is planning to come up with an e-book which can be downloaded from its website.

In one of the stories, a politician gets so busy on the polling day that he forgets to send his driver to take his wife and mother to the polling booth so that they can cast their vote. When the results are declared he loses the elections by one vote

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As per a report in The Indian Express, Chief Election Commissioner, Nasim Zaidi in the foreword stated, “Lawtoons is a unique project, perhaps the first-of-its-kind, to simplify laws of India in an interesting and humorous way. This compilation contains stories from the length and breadth of India and has attempted to give a glimpse of what makes the Indian elections so unique”.

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Lawyers, Kanan Dhru and Kelly Dhru from RFGI, who also have past experience in creating lawtoons prepared the book. According to them, they took help of National Institute of Design in getting the correct lingo, the body language of people from different parts of the country.

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