Drunk woman allegedly kissed policeman after getting caught for rash driving

Woman was at the wheels while returning from a party around Wednesday-Thursday midnight allegedly in a heavily inebriated condition

Hardly any day goes by when one does not come across some or the other bizarre story. And joining the league is one such news from Kolkata where a drunk woman allegedly kissed a police officer when he asked the woman to pull over the car for rash driving. The incident left the officer stunned.

As per the police officials, the woman in her late 30s, was at the wheels while returning from a party on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday allegedly in a heavily inebriated condition. While passing the Chingrihata crossing which is on the Eastern Metropolitan by-pass close to Salt Lake, she lost control and her car hit the divider.

When a taxi driver, who was also passing, by tried to help the woman, she allegedly thrashed him. After which a police constable tried to help the woman to get out of the car. She was accompanied by two of her friends- a man and a woman who both were also under the influence of alcohol.

However, what happened next was something that the officer would not have expected. The woman hugged the constable and started kissing him. The constable then took help of another lady who was present to pry her off, after which the cops took her and her friends to the Bidhannagar South police station.

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The woman has been booked for rash driving under the influence of alcohol. A case has also been initiated against her two friends for misconduct.

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A police officer said, “We may even start a case against the woman driver for trying to bribe a policeman by kissing him”.

(Source: IANS)