Don't wear jeans, tops & fashionable dresses to work: Punjab govt school teachers told

To ensure that the 'dress code' is implemented, the District education officers have also been ordered to conduct inspections at govt schools in Punjab

The female teachers in Punjab are no longer allowed to wear clothes like jean and tops as it may affect students mind in the classroom. The office of Punjab’s Director General School Education (DGSE) has issued a “no jean rule” order for teachers in government schools. The office of the DGSE said the teachers cannot wear “indecent and provocative clothes like jeans, tops and fashionable dresses” to work.

To ensure that the “dress code” is implemented, the District education officers (DEOs) have also been ordered to conduct inspections at government schools in Punjab.

According to the copy of the order in possession with The Indian Express, says,”We are receiving complaints regarding indecent dressing by teachers in schools, especially female teachers, who are coming to school wearing indecent (bhadkaau) clothes. The women teachers are wearing jeans, tops and other provocative (uksaau) fashionable dresses and coming for duty. This is also affecting the students. So, the dress code should be implemented at the earliest in all schools.”

While speaking on the ‘no jean rule’ to the Indian Express, Amarbir Singh, Assistant Director (Secondary Education), said that “jeans, tops are indecent and not a part of Punjabi culture. The teachers can wear suits and that too with a proper dupatta. Even sarees are okay but nit jean and tops.”

He further added, ‘We have received many complaints of female teachers coming dressed inappropriately. Teachers are role models for children and they have to wear something which keeps the body completely covered. If they wear T-shirts, then there is no dupatta, which is not acceptable. Some even come in pyjamas which is unacceptable.’

However, the orders do not mention any dressing guideline for male staffers.

Singh said, “students’ minds are affected if a teacher is not properly dressed. The school is not a place to show your wardrobe collection of Western clothes.”

Asked if the “no jeans rule” also applies to male teachers, he said, “Yes, of course, it is for male teachers too.
Terming the orders ‘immature’ a female teacher said, “? Why have only female teachers been told to avoid jeans and tops? the order specifies that female teachers are dressing indecently. If a no jeans rule is for both male and female teachers, then why was is it not mentioned in the letter.”

“Is this how Punjab education department is setting an example of gender equality? There is not a word written on how male teachers should dress up during school hours,” she further added.