Don't believe in supernatural? Wait till you read these 5 horrifying stories

Quora has a few real horror stories that'll freak you out so it’s best to read these with someone and definitely not alone.

You may or may not believe in ghosts, it is pretty tough to not be scared when you are all alone and you hear a strange sound in the night or even hear a voice or basically feel a second person’s presence even when you are pretty sure you are the only person in the house. We stumbled upon some really scary stories on Quora, that is sure to freak you and is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Caution: If you are someone who is brave enough and do not really fear the unknown, we dare you to dim your lights before you read this and if you’re someone who gets scared easily prepare for some sleepless nights with lights on.

The Jaipur-Delhi Highway Horror

This story was shared on Quora by Aditi Saini, who works at the Indian Railways, according to her profile. Here’s the story:

“Though I have read and heard many horror stories this one horrified me the most, and its a true story that happened to my friend. One late winter night, he was travelling from Jaipur to Delhi on a bike with his friend who was riding it.

Needless to say that it was dark with occasional trucks which you will encounter on any any national highway during night time. My colleague was riding pillion when he saw his friend looking intently on his side with a complete 90° turn of his head. His friend’s face was white with horror. He casually asked what was happening. His friend asked him to just shut up. Confused and panicked he just kept quite till 10-15 minutes when his friend stopped at a temple which was lit.


They were just walking to the temple when an old man asked his friend, “you saw her?”. His white with horrified face was enough of an answer. So the old man asked them to pay a visit to the temple and carry on with their journey. They did as he told and continued. It was only when they reached their destination in the morning that his friend had the guts to describe what he’d seen. He said that, he saw a woman dressed as bride running with their motor cycle facing him. First he wondered how she could catch up with the bike’s speed.


It was only then he realized that she was not human. He froze with anticipation as to what else she could do and was unable to avert his eyes from her expressionless face. So he spotted light and stopped there. Imagine, for 10 minutes or so he kept looking at a supernatural creature while riding a bike. My colleague saw or felt nothing. This story sort of reinforces my belief in the presence of spirits as it happened to someone I know. That thought fires up my imagination when I am in any horrifying situation.”

The Haunted hostel

The story has been shared by Kandarp Joshi from Pune, Maharashtra.

“Our hostel was outside a village. We were not even allowed to go out of campus after 9 pm. In my room we were four room mates, same was the situation in the room next to me. Every night around 12-2 am dogs from the forest gathered below our room’s window and started barking. They used to stare at our windows and bark continuously.

We kept some pebbles on our windows to throw at them whenever they did so. I was the only Brahmin in the hostel and I use to wear my holy band called janoi. One day accidentally my room partner woke up at 3 am and he saw someone waking in the room. The room was smelling bad. He is a calm person so he didn’t shout and observed what that person is doing in our room.

He saw that for five ten minutes he just roamed in our room and then jumped out from our balcony. He immediately understood that it is an inhuman personality. He started to recite hanuman chalisa.


Next day he narrated the whole incident. We all were scared. There were total eight students in two of our rooms. We all decided to sleep in one room.

We all were talking, it was around 12 am and the dogs started barking again at our windows. We threw stones at them so they ran away. Then we decided to sleep. After about one hour all were sleeping and suddenly some thing touched me. I just opened my eyes and saw that one of my friend who was sleeping near me was staring at me. I shook him but he didn’t move. He was too terrified. He just said in my ears “he is in the room.” I asked him who? but he just kept on saying me “he is in the room”. Next day morning everyone was so scared because they saw some old male walking in the room.

This all happened for about a week. I never saw anything. One day my friend suggested me to sleep without my janoi.

I did as he suggested me. I was awake upto 1 am. When I feel asleep. I didn’t remember after how much time but when I opened my eyes I too saw a man walking in our room. It was like a movie. I can’t believe my eyes. I was so curious and scared that I immediately stood up and asked who are you. Hearing my voice two of my friends stood up with me. The man walking in our room stopped and turned his face towards us. OMG


He was known to all of us but was dead before some time. I cannot describe who he was because he might still exist and turn up again to me reading his name over here or to anyone reading this story.

Days have passed But we remember that it was proved that day, negative energy do exist.

We brought some hanuman chalisa books and started keeping below our pillows from that day. It had never happened again uptill now.”

Never give lift to anyone!

The horror story has been shared by Sonia Gupta, by the name- Never stop dreaming!

It has happened to me when I was in first year of my B.Tech in 2008. It was my first semester in the institute and I was leaving for college to attend annual Viva Exam. I recently started driving two-wheeler and I was always extra cautious whenever someone sits behind me. Especially, it was difficult for me to balance the two wheeler when a woman sits wearing a saree (as they don’t keep their legs across while wearing sarees).

My college was in my hometown and just 3 Km away from my home. It was the month of January and it was drizzling then. On my way to college, there comes an unpaved road which got muddy due to rain. On my way to that road, I found a lady who was stopping me and asked me to drop to her at some nearby distance as it was getting difficult for her to walk on the slippery road.

I insisted her, Aunty, it is difficult for me to ride a two wheeler when someone sits behind me. Also the roads are slippery; there are chances we may fall.

Even after several denial, she sat behind me and asked me to drive.

I started driving. I was pretty comfortable while driving. I didn’t expect I could ride. I felt I have overcome my fear now. After few minutes, I asked her, Aunty , aap ko kahan jana he? (Aunty, Where you want to go?)

And in a cold tone, she said, Jahan tumhe jana hai ! ( Where you have to go!)


It scared a hell out of me! I mean how does she know where I want to go? I reduced my vehicle speed and kept driving. With no talking for few minutes, she said, Stop here!

Without wasting a second I stopped my vehicle, and the moment I turned back she was not there!!

I called my mom immediately, she was frightened to know about this.

Just to calm me down ,she said, “Mujhe toh kabhi nahi beithaya peeche aur bhoot ko beitha liya” 😀 ( My mom said, You never allowed me to sit behind you, and took ghost to a ride ! ) 😀

I really don’t know who was she. And I never found her on my way to college!

Living with the dead!

The horror story has been shared by Smily Arora. It goes like this…

“I never believed in all this but at times you just can’t neglect the presence of somethings around you !

This is when I moved for my studies and I was staying in hostel.

The hostel had a railway line just behind it and we would always be disturbed the rattling noise of the train passing, at the same time shaking our windows..

I had my room on the 4th floor and it was a 3 sharing room. I still remember that 3 to 4 months had passed and one night me and my room mates heard a bad screeching voice of a woman.

We thought it was some girl in the hostel, but it was something difficult to neglect. We ignored it the first time but then it continued for nights.

Going to get water had become a pain… But till that time I still had the guts to get through this. I always felt as if someone was walking with me.

This continued and then I moved to ground floor with a friend of mine.

And what happened with me there, was something I can never forget.

I would daily see a lady standing in the corner of the room and she would just keep observing me but she never came close to me.

I had sleepless nights back to back with no clue as to what to do, who to talk to and then one night I just saved myself from a heart attack.

I was almost asleep and turned on my bed and I saw a small child sitting and looking at me.



I moved my hand thinking it was just a vision but it was still there…

Finally I walked up to my warden to talk about this and here is what she said:

“Dear, I am myself a MSc. and never believe in all these things but a long time back there was a train accident that happened taking the lives of many people and it happened on the same railway line which runs behind the hostel. After that event people have experienced such things. But be strong and never let these things overpower you.”

Wrong decision costs life!

The horror story was shared by Nishit Sangomla on Quora. Here’s what he wrote:

“This real life incident was told to me by my friend at around 1:00 am midnight near the library road NIT Trichy,
The incident took place somewhere in Bihar, the exact location is unknown to me. My friend’s grandfather(A Politician) was travelling in a car at night, this was at a time when many did not have the luxury of a car, and there were no proper roads.

To reach home early My friend’s grandfather(uncle from here on) asked the driver to take a detour, a road which was not frequented by people at night because of rumours of supernatural activities. He being an educated person did not believe in the rumours and took the logical decision.

After going further for around some 20 kms, the driver saw a woman asking for a lift. The driver looked at uncle, uncle ordered him not to stop and continue driving, they passed the woman and continued further, it was after crossing a certain distance, uncle noticed something outside.

The woman’s face was clearly visible from the window, and she was literally running at the speed of the car, she turned her head and looked at uncle and told him he should have stopped.


The shock was too much for the uncle and he died of cardiac arrest, the woman spared the driver telling him he was just following orders.

P.S. this story was first told by the driver to my friend’s grandmother and was passed on to my friend from there, when he asked his grandmother to tell a good horror story.”

Sacred yet?

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