Deoband Cleric Believes Having A DJ At Your Muslim Wedding Is 'Un-Islamic'

The Muslim cleric Mufti Azhar Hussain stated that such weddings should be boycotted

In a controversial statement on Monday, a Deoband city Qazi stated that they will not preside over weddings where music and dance take place. Deeming the Indian tradition of having music bands at weddings ‘un-Islamic’, the Muslim cleric Mufti Azhar Hussain stated that such weddings should be boycotted.

“We won’t conduct ‘Nikah’ in weddings where music and dance is happening and DJ is there,” said the Muslim cleric in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoband, which is home to the Darul Uloom, while speaking to ANI. “This is against Islam, (we) will boycott such weddings.”

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Hussain added, “If the music and dance happened before the nikah ceremony and qazi didn’t know then it’s different.”

Earlier in January, the Deoband ulemas have raised objections to women wearing designer burqas or body-hugging outfits as it is considered ‘haram’ in Islam.

“In the name of hijab (veil), designer and slim fit burqa is haram and strictly prohibited in Islam,” read a fatwa issued by the ulemas in response to a person’s query on body-hugging outfits drawing male gaze.

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In October last year, Darul Uloom Deoband had issued another fatwa prohibiting both men and women from posting their pictures on social media. “If a picture is clicked to be used in Aadhaar card, passport and other useful documents it is ok, but for useless things such as to upload it on social media it is not right,” said a cleric Mufti Mukkaram in support of the fatwa.