Demonetisation row: 5 times opposition leaders shot their mouth off before thinking

Since the day demonetisation has been announced, some of our politicians have made some bizarre statements

Be it any government or any opposition, any move by a ruling party will always be severely criticised. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to ban the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes is also facing opposition with politicians questioning the policy and also the implementation.

There have also been demands of a rollback so that the old currency can be back in the cycle. However, Modi on Monday made it amply clear by his remarks that no rollback is possible.

Since the day demonetisation has been announced, some of our politicians have made some bizarre statements. Some have even let the creative side in them come out by writing poems against the government. Here are a few:

## Akhilesh Yadav: Black money is actually good for the economy! Really, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who is seen to standing up against corruption in his own party and government on Tuesday said that black money is good and helps during the time of recession. What a revelation!

## Mamata Banerjee: The West Bengal Chief Minister revealed her creative side when she opposed government’s demonetisation move.

Here is a translation of the poem too.

## Arvind Kejriwal: As always, the Delhi Chief Minister is highly agitated. Kejriwal called in for an Emergency session of Delhi assembly on Tuesday to discuss the demonetization issue. “Kadvi chai ke naam par Modi ji ne gareebo ko zeher pila diya, (Modi served poison to people instead of tea)” he tweeted.

## Ruling Telangana Rashtriya Samiti (TRS) leader AP Jithender Reddy has asked Centre to compensate for the loss that Telangana has suffered due to the demonetisation policy. However, he added that the Prime Minister’s intention to curb black money by demonetisation is welcome, but the way it was implemented was not correct.

## “People die waiting in line for ration too.” BJP national vice-president Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe has been drawing flak for saying that people sometimes die waiting in queue for ration too. He was responding to a question on deaths of people outside banks waiting long hours to exchange or deposit demonetised currency.

Some leaders have been lauded but some even faced criticism on social media. Picture a few: