No faith in police: 60% Delhiites feel women are not safe in the city, says survey

Of the number of abduction cases registered in Delhi, three-fourths were cases of women abduction

Three out of five Delhiites surveyed feel that women, children and senior citizens were not safe in Delhi, according to a report released by Praja Foundation on November 23. The report also stated that half of the Delhiites surveyed said they didn’t feel safe in the city as compared to just 17 percent of people surveyed in Mumbai. Most people also feel unsafe while travelling from one place to the next in the National Capital.

The report also pointed out that crime against women was consistently high with nearly 4,000 cases of molestation registered in 2016 while 59.6 percent of kidnapping cases involved women. The registration of the cases of molestation increased in seven districts of Delhi. Of the number of abduction cases registered in Delhi, three-fourths were cases of women abduction. Though the number of rape cases in 2016 reduced as compared to 2015, the number was still high with five districts reporting an increase in the number of rape cases.

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The NGO surveyed a total of 24,301 respondents out of which 15 percent claimed to have witnessed a crime in Delhi as compared to just 5 percent of respondents in Mumbai. One out of three Delhiites who faced crime did not report to the police. Almost half of the people who did not inform the police said that they didn’t have faith in the police or the legal system.

The report also inferred that there was a 10 percent decrease between sanctioned and working police personnel. The highest occurrence of kidnapping and rape took place in the Outer district, however, the district also saw the largest difference in sanctioned and working police personnel.

However, the capital saw a 28 percent decrease in overall crime last year as compared to in 2015.

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