Delhi: Fortis doctors perform surgery on the wrong foot, sacked

Two Fortis doctors in Delhi have been sacked for performing surgery on a wrong foot and tampering the hospital records.

In a shocking case of medical negligence, Two doctors from the Fortis hospital have been barred from practicising for six months after they operated the wrong foot of a patient in Delhi. They also made an attempt to conceal the records so nobody could find out.

According to an Indian Express report, The Delhi Medical Council suspended their medical licenses while stating that they “failed to exercise reasonable degree of skill, knowledge and care, which is expected of a prudent doctor in treatment of patients.”

The patient who has been identified as Ravi Rai had admitted in Fortis hospital in Shalimar Bagh after he fractured his right foot. The 24-year-old who had fractured his right foot after falling down the stairs was asked to undergo a surgery. The two orthopaedic surgeons Dr Ashwini Maichand and Rahul Kakran went on to perform the surgery on the left foot instead of the right. To much of Ravi’s horror, he woke with plastered left foot instead of the one that was fractured. His parents immediately approached who apologised and claimed that it was a mistake and could be fixed.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, when the committee questioned them during the inquiry, they said they had to operate on the left foot because the right foot was “too swollen” to undergo a surgery.

According to reports, they cannot practise anywhere in the country for the next six months. The hospital refrained from making a statement on the entire while confirming that the doctors had been sacked.