'Dead' in Kedarnath flash floods, man 'arrested' in 11-year-old murder case

In an absolutely bizarre incident, a man declared himself as 'dead' to save himself from life term awarded to him. Here's what happened

As strange as this may sound, a man hailing from Gwalior who was absconding in a murder case was arrested 11 years after the case was registered. However, one of the major reasons for the massive delay was because the man had declared him “dead” and passed himself as the victim of floods in Kedarnath.

The man identified as Bhagwan Das Kushwah, probably would have continued living like that if a person who he owed money did not disrupt his plans. According to a report in News18, In 2000, he was held on charges of murdering a constable and was awarded a life term. However, he moved the High Court and was granted bail in connection with the case.

Bhagwan Das went absconding after he jumped his bail while the police continued to make efforts to nab him. Taking advantage of the 2013 Kedarnath tragedy that claimed lives of hundreds of people while thousands went missing, Bhagwan Das with the help of sons made it look like he disappeared after the flash floods.

His sons even went on to take signatures of the neighbours while telling them that Bhagwan Das was in Kedarnath when the incident took place and was a victim of the disaster. They submitted a panchnama in the court and would bring out the panchnama everytime the police approached the family asking questions about him.

However, his plan went kaput when a creditor, Brijmohan spotted him and asked him to pay the money. Bhagwan Das along with his sons thrashed him instead of returning the money. Brijmohan wasted no time in approaching the police and revealing that Bhagwan Das was alive. The police further revealed that the Bhagwan’s family had also taken compensation from the government as they claimed that Bhagwan Das had gone missing in the tragic Kedarnath flash floods.