Confused over which version of Rs 10 coins is real? RBI helps you figure out

Rs 10, Rs 50 denominations have been in high demand ever since the Government decided to phase out Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes

Amid never-ending queues outside Banks and ATM owing to banning of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, a new confusion regarding Rs 10 coins is causing panic among people. One of the two versions of Rs 10 coins is rumoured to be fake. Due to some confusion created on the social media many shopkeepers are refusing to accept those Rs 10 coins which does not have the sign of rupees, ₹, that came into effect in 2011.

According to RBI, both the versions are valid. Dispelling rumours of fake Rs 10, the bank said in a statement:

“The Reserve Bank has advised members of the public not to give credence to such ill-informed notions and ignore them and continue to accept these coins as legal tender in all their transactions without any hesitation.”

According to its statement, the Rs 10 coin with rupee symbol and the same denomination coin without rupee symbol, it said, adding both of them are legal tender and equally good for transactions, though they may look a little different.

Here are the two versions of the coin

rs-10-coins-2 rs-10-coins

The ₹ sign was designed by D. Udaya Kumar. He won an open competition organised by the Government of India to come up with a new Rs symbol.

The RBI also said that it has put into circulation coins minted by the Government of India and these have distinctive features.

Coins in new denominations to meet transaction needs of public and coins in new designs to reflect various themes – economic, social and cultural – are introduced from time to time, it added.

With inputs from PTI