College student with black headscarf faces trouble entering Karnataka Assembly for this strange reason!

Standing at the gates of the Karnataka assembly in Bengaluru, security officials do not allow people who wear black shawls and belts, towels from entering the visitors' gallery

State Assemblies often open their gates to students to see the proceedings of the House. In one such incident, students in Karnataka reached the state assembly to witness the House proceedings. While all other students were allowed to enter, a girl with a black headscarf faced a tough time entering the House.

The reason? Standing at the gates of the assembly in Bengaluru, security officials have been stopping people who wear black shawls and belts, towels from entering the visitors’ gallery. This, they say, is being done to maintain the decorum of the house since people use these objects for holding protests.

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As per a report in the NDTV, the security men claim that people sitting in the visitors’ gallery can use black coloured fabric to raise a sudden protest which might put the house in bad light. The practice is set to have been in place for the last two years after black flags and scarfs were started being used as a symbol of protest against the Chief Minister at several events.

However, Urban Development Minister Roshan Baig said that there are no such rules. “We don’t have such rules on dress, it is a mistake by the marshals on duty, I will complain to the speaker and seek action against them,” Baig said.

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Though her classmates were allowed to enter the gallery earlier, the girl with the headscarf was allowed only after the house marshals intervened.

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