'Churan lable' on fake Rs 2000 notes dispensed at an SBI ATM in Delhi

The fake Rs 2000 notes that pass off as genuine at first glance seemed to be a prank played at people's expense.

Amid concerns over influx of counterfeit currency in the country, a state bank of India (SBI) ATM in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar has dispensed fake Rs 2000 notes. The fake notes that come across as original at first glance seemed to be a prank played at people’s expense.

The notes dispensed on February 6, have serial numbers 000000, Churan lable instead of strip with leaf markings, PK logo instead of RBI seal, rupee sign is missing, and read ‘Children’s Bank of India’ in place of Reserve Bank of India and ‘Guaranteed by the Children’s Government’ in place of Guaranteed by the Central Government.

It also states ‘ I promise to pay the barer two thousand coupens (sic)’ instead of I promise to pay the bearer the sum of two thousand rupees. Governor’s signature is also missing in the note. The matter came to the notice of authorities after a customer care executive Rohit visited the SBI ATM at around 7.45pm on February 6 to withdraw Rs 8,000. Four notes of Rs 2000 were dispensed. ” But all the four notes I withdrew were fake,” he alleged.

A sub-inspector was sent to the ATM to verify Rohit’s claims. So he withdrew one note that too turned to be fake.
The police is yet to identify the people behind the misdoings and a case has been registered at Sangam Vihar police station