Auto driver offers free ride to patients for Amma's speedy recovery

38-year-old G Sukumar says it is his way of praying for Amma's health.

Prayers are pouring in for Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa from her supporters as she continues to be admitted in Apollo hospital in Chennai.

An auto driver who wants his Chief Minister to recover soon, has been offering free rides for Apollo Hospital patients in Chennai. 38-year-old G Sukumar says it is his way of praying for Amma’s health.

“One of the reasons I am doing this is because, I pray for the recovery of Amma (Jayalalithaa), and moreover, traffic accidents have reduced under her governance. I like her and that is why I am doing this service,” he said.

Sukumar says he was once an alcoholic and credits the Chief Minister for his reformed life. He also credits Jayalalithaa for reduction in traffic accidents in Chennai.

“I have been doing social service since I was kid. I like helping people. One time I saw patients were sitting outside the hospital. Most of them were handicapped. I was distressed by that because they were finding it difficult to get an auto, so I decided to give them a free ride,” he said.

Ever since Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was admitted to Apollo Hospital, for treatment for dehydration, scores of people and AIADMK supporters have been thronging to the hospital offering prayers for her speedy recovery.

(with ANI inputs)