Caught on Camera: African national brutally attacked by mob at Greater Noida Mall

The attacks happened when family and friends of the deceased conducted a candlelight vigil to demand the arrest of the accused foreign nationals

After the death of a class XII student seemingly due to a drug overdose, several Africans were attacked by mobs in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida area on Monday evening who were under impression that the drugs were given to the teenage boy by five Nigerians.

A disturbing video shared by the Association of African Students in India is doing rounds on social media sites. The footage shows a large mob brutally kicking a black foreigner in Noida’s Ansal Plaza. A black man can be seen curled up on the floor blocking multiple blows from the mob which assaults him with stools, bins and whatever they can lay their hands on. No one comes to the rescue of the victim.

This is one of the many attacks on African nationals in Greater Noida reported by several media outlets. According to Hindustan Times, a Nigerian girl was allegedly abducted and several Africans were assaulted in Greater Noida on Monday while The Telgraph in its report said that at least nine Africans have been seriously injured in mob violence. Times of India reported that three Nigerians were attacked when they were crossing Pari Chowk, another Nigerian was beaten up near Jagat Farm. This is apart from the attack in Ansal Plaza.

The attacks happened when family and friends of the deceased conducted a candlelight vigil from NSG Society to Pari Chowk to demand the arrest of the accused foreign nationals.

The police later resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the protesters. Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also sought a report from UP government on the matter. “I have asked for a report from Government of Uttar Pradesh about the reported attack on African students in Noida.” she said in a tweet.

After promising “immediate action” in her reply, Swaraj spoke with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who, she said, has promised a “fair and impartial” investigation.

It all began with the death of Manish Khari, a Class 12 student in Greater Noida, who went missing on Friday evening. His family and friends set out to find him. Meanwhile, someone claimed that the boy was seen with the five Nigerians living in the neighbourhood. The crowd barged into their shelter and could not find the missing boy. It led to another rumour that the Nigerians have killed and eaten the boy (cannibalism), the scroll reported. Police officials, however, have denied to comment on the claim. Khari later returned home at his NSG Black Cat Enclave.

But he was in a highly intoxicated state (seeming of a drug overdose) and had to be rushed to the hospital where he died on Saturday. After his death, the family accused the Nigerians of having provided drug to the deceased and insisted on pressing murder charges against the five Nigerians.